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Sumter County Veteran Service Officers |  Sumter County Shopper

Sumter County Veteran Service Personnel (CVSO) are highly trained in VA, Code of Federal Regulations 38, Benefits 10, and Veterans Advocacy. Our dedicated CVSO team handles all veterans assistance regarding benefits and claims. CVSOs are available to answer any questions regarding veterans’ needs for VA education, pensions, assistance and attendance, and military payroll issues.

CVSO conducts two programs that most counties do not offer: an outreach program for ambulatory care veterans and their families and a Veterans Appeal Board hearing.

Using CVSO to help submit your claim is free. CVSOs work directly with individual veterans and their families to ensure that our veterans receive the benefits that they have earned through their service to our nation. Our CVSOs assist veterans and their families in preparing and submitting claims and in representing claimants before federal, state, and local agencies that provide veteran benefits.

The Sumter County Office of Veterans Service can help anyone, including veterans, widows of veterans, children of deceased or disabled veterans, parents who have lost a son or daughter in military service, and friends, neighbors, or other concerned citizens.

The office can answer questions about:

• Compensation for service-related disability for injuries/issues related to military service

• Service/assistance-related disability pension and attendance benefits for certain wartime veterans

• Education benefits for veterans and children of veterans with service-related disabilities

• life insurance

• Health care benefits and VA health care system registration

• FLA-Vet Home Loans and VA Loan Security Benefits

Florida Veterans Benefits including waivers for college tuition, reduced ad valorem taxes, and government services

• A national cemetery and the burial of a private cemetery with its benefits

• Upgrading discharge characteristics that are less than honor

• Or provide information on:

• Medical care, including inpatient or outpatient care, dental care, or PTSD treatment

• Alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs

• Information on VA Home Loans or Home Loan Assistance

• Small Business Administration

• Community organizations that may be in your area

Services provided include:

•Education on Federal, State, and Local Veteran Benefits

• Assist in completing applications for Veterans Affairs disability claims or other veteran benefits

• Assisting/advocating in gathering evidence or responding to Victim Assistance communications

• Information and referral to other programs that may be useful to veterans and their families.

Even if you already receive VA benefits, it is recommended that veterans check in with the office periodically to make sure they are receiving the maximum benefits they are entitled to. You can call our office to schedule an appointment in person or by phone at 352-689-4400.

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