Surprising teams on the wrong side of the NFL Week 10 bombings

Surprising teams on the wrong side of the NFL Week 10 bombings

It was another blast-filled weekend in the NFL, only this time many of the teams on the losing end were teams near the top of the standings.

For the second time in four weeks, six games have been decided by at least 21 points, the first time that has happened twice in a season since 2009 and only the fifth time ever.

Five of the six teams that were on the wrong side of those lopsided games were teams that entered the weekend with a score of 0.500 or better, with Atlanta losing 43-3 to Dallas, Las Vegas losing 41-14 to Kansas City, and the Rams losing 31-10 to San Francisco, Arizona after their 34-10 defeat to Carolina and Cleveland after their 45-7 defeat to New England.


Another blast was more predictable: the New York Jets’ faltering 45-17 win over Buffalo.

It was only the second time in NFL history that five teams that came in a week won without any losing record by at least 21 points, according to Sportradar. The other came in week 17 of the 2009 season, when many of these teams were resting key players ahead of the playoffs.

Blowouts have been extremely common so far this season, with 24 games tied at least 24 points behind in second place in the 10 weeks since the merger, trailing just 29 games in 1975.

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The Patriots had impressive production from a pair of starters in their win over the Browns, as McJones completed 19 of 23 passes for 198 yards and three TDs and Ramondry Stephenson rushes for 100 yards and two TDs.


The New England team became the fifth team since the merger to have at least one Novice throw in two TDs, and another run in two TDs in the game. The others were Brown in 2018 (Baker Mayfield and Nick Chop), Cowboys in 2016 (Dak Prescott and Ezequiel Elliott), Washington in 2012 (Kirk Cousins ​​and Alfred Morris; Robert Griffin III and Morris), Denver in 2006 (Jay Cutler) and Mike Bell).

Jones’ 142.1 in-game rating was the fifth-highest rating for a single-game pass by a rising quarterback in the Super Bowl era with at least 20 attempts, trailing just two games from Mayfield, one from Prescott and one from Geno Smith in 2013.

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Quarterback Patrick Mahomes rocked from a shaky stretch back to his old form, throwing 406 yards with five TDs without interceptions in a 41-14 win over the Raiders.

It was the third time Mahomes threw at least 400 yards and five TDs in a game, as he also did against the Jets last season and the Rams in 2018, tying Hall of Famers Peyton Manning, Dan Marino and Joe Montana for the most in NFL history.


Mahomes is the only one of those players who has done so more than once without objection, as he did against the Jets.

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The Lions came close to winning in Pittsburgh for the first time since the Ford family bought the team in 1961. Detroit have suffered nine losses and one draw on the road against the Steelers since their last win in 1955 at Forbes Field before settling in another game. Sunday.

According to Elias Athletic Bureau, the other team to beat its rival on the way back to the pre-Super Bowl era that began in 1966 is the Philadelphia Steelers. Pittsburgh is 0-9 on the road against the Eagles since winning in 1965.

The Vikings have never won a road game against the Colts in Baltimore or Indianapolis, having lost all 12 games.


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