Sweden is providing a COVID-19 booster dose for 18-65 year olds

Sweden is providing a COVID-19 booster dose for 18-65 year olds

Copenhagen Sweden on Wednesday recommended that everyone between the ages of 18 and 65 get a booster dose against COVID-19 six months after receiving the second strike.

Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallingreen said about 7 million people in Sweden, which has a population of 10 million, had contracted the two injections. But she expressed concern about the slight increase in coronavirus infections.

“The government takes the spread of infection around the world very seriously,” Hallingen said. “The purpose (of providing a third shot) is to prepare for a possible deteriorating situation.”

Karin Tegmark Wiesel, head of the Swedish Public Health Agency, said the vaccine was “the most important tool we have in dealing with the epidemic”.

“Two bullets provide good protection from serious illness and death, but the protective effect diminishes over time,” she said at a news conference.

Sweden previously stood out among European countries due to its relative response to the pandemic. The third shot has already been shown to all people over 65 years of age. Authorities say 26% in that age group have received a booster dose so far.


The Scandinavian country has not shut down or shut down businesses during the pandemic, relying instead on citizens’ sense of civic duty to control infections. Authorities emphasized individual responsibility rather than government health measures.

Last week, Sweden said it would provide a digital certificate of COVID-19 vaccination for public gatherings and events of more than 100 people indoors. The move follows similar steps by other EU countries amid the recent continental spike in COVID-19 cases.


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