Taylor Swift fans enjoy ‘All Too Well’ lyrics and clues

Taylor Swift fans enjoy ‘All Too Well’ lyrics and clues

New York Taylor Swift fans know how to look for subtle clues and Easter eggs in her lyrics and music videos, so expectations were high when the pop star dropped a short film delving into her romantic life on a fan-favorite.

The 13-minute movie “All Too Well: The Short Film” did not disappoint. Its Friday night release came shortly after Swift released her expanded and re-recorded album “Red (Taylor’s Edition)”, which includes a 10-minute extended version of “All Too Well.”

Before the fan show, Swift told The Associated Press that she decided to record a longer version of the song and make a mini movie due to its popularity among followers.

“It’s all about what fans have turned this song into,” Swift said on the red carpet. “It was never a single, it didn’t have a video, it never had a visual element, but they pretty much made their own fantasy cinema world for it, so I just follow what they started and what they told me they wanted.”


“Red” is a classic Swift album, with the original 2012 release featuring songs like “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “22”. The star directed the short “All Too Well,” which stars Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien.

Tissue packets with “All Too Well” written on it were handed out for the masses to use if needed.

Inside, Swift greeted the audience by saying, “It’s been a while.” She then granted permission for any emotion the film might arouse. “You and I are used to concerts,” Swift said. “We are so used to feeling what we feel and talking out loud about what we feel, when we feel. Just do it, feel your feelings. We gave the tissue paper. You don’t need to be risqué or serious or anything that I’m not into,” she said. “.

In the movie, Sink and O’Brien play out the fun and romance of a new relationship, and problems and hurt feelings creep up on, eventually breaking up.

The highlight begins with a dinner scene where O’Brien’s character holds the court while the guests laugh. Sink reaches O’Brien’s hand and drops it. What follows is a rough three-minute break in music for spoken dialogue as they argue while washing the dishes. O’Brien tells Sink that she’s making something out of nothing because she’s upset, leading the audience to gasp and boo.


Swift explained to the Associated Press that this part of the film was “not a biographical moment at all” but that it was a glossary.

“I think you can tell a lot about people when you see them fighting,” she explained. “So we wanted to have a big argument. They knew what the discussion was about, what the trigger was. This was something that was created for the movie.”

After the show, Swift brought O’Brien and Sink in front of the audience. “I’m sorry about that,” O’Brien joked about his on-screen behavior, taking the audience back in his favour.

Swift also performed an acoustic version of “All Too Well” for the room while she played guitar.

The new “All Too Well” was a top trending item Friday on Twitter, as fans enjoyed the thrilling details of the extra lyrics.

Although Swift hasn’t talked about the song’s identity, Swiftie pundits have targeted actor Jake Gyllenhaal as the potential lover who broke her heart years ago.


Swift was re-recording her first six albums because her original masters had been sold by her previous label and she wanted to create new masters that she could own. “Red (Taylor’s Version)” was released on Friday with an extended 30 hit, including a duet with Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton and Phoebe Bridgers.

“I’m going to get that music back and see the music and see the art and see the experiences I had at concerts,” Swift said of re-recording her music. “It was mine and now it has been really shared between me and the fans and that’s what I really took away from this experience.”

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