The analogy to “a penny a day” | Sumter County Shopper

The analogy to “a penny a day” |  Sumter County Shopper

This story explains how hearing loss could have developed unnoticed by the unused patient: An old man had a jar of pennies on his living room table. Every day, his grandson would take a penny. The loss of the pennies went unnoticed until the third jar was empty.

Upon discovering it, the old man exclaimed, “Someone took a handful of my pennies last night.”

Well, of course, he didn’t lose a third of his pennies that night, though it looked like that. He slowly lost them, but did not notice.

Well, that’s how you lost your hearing – a little at a time over the course of many years – and you probably didn’t even notice that a third of your important hearing was gone.

The easy way to find out if you really have a measurable hearing loss is to visit your local hearing care provider for an exam. Most of this service will be provided free of charge.

Angelo Darby, MA, LHAS is the director of the Renaissance Hearing Center in Wildwood. He can be contacted at 0219-461-352.

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