The Cuban community in Orlando and elsewhere in solidarity with the peaceful demonstrations in Cuba

The Cuban community in Orlando and elsewhere in solidarity with the peaceful demonstrations in Cuba

Orlando, Florida. Last month, the organizers of the Archipiélago Facebook group called on the Cuban people to march peacefully on November 15, and demand democracy on their island.

“It breaks my heart that people can’t control their country to say what they want,” said Michelle Medina, a Puerto Rican national. “The more this is, the more demonstrations there are, the more media coverage there will be, and hopefully this sheds some light and people will be behind it.”

The call comes four months after the historic protests that swept the streets of Cuba on July 11, in which Cuban officials suppressed and arrested dozens of people for raising their voices against their government.

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A day before the November 15 demonstrations in Cuba, rallies took place in other cities such as Miami, to demand an end to the Cuban regime.

“In trying to make the world like we did in July to make the world aware of what is happening in Cuba and to make sure that the world is paying attention, and most importantly, that the Cuban government knows that it is under surveillance,” said Marcos Merchan, a Cuban refugee in Orlando, “that their actions will have consequences.” “.

For Ivan Mendes, who is from Puerto Rico, the issue of the Cuban people supporting a change of government, is something everyone should care about. Mendes told News 6 that he plans to attend an Orlando gathering at a Sedano supermarket.

“I think everyone should stop with them – at least have a presence,” Mendes said. “It’s important to everyone, not just them.” “It has been going on for a long time, hasn’t it? So, it is time for them to do something about it. This is the only way to get something done. If you don’t do something, forget about it… nothing will happen.”

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