The Duchess of Sussex rocks out on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show

The Duchess of Sussex rocks out on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show

New York – It was Meghan’s Thursday watch on her friend’s talk show, Ellen DeGeneres, where she helped the Duchess of Sussex welcome a special guest, hit the studio yard for a vendor prank and said she’d cook Thanksgiving dinner herself.

“I love cooking,” Meghan said of her second Thanksgiving in California with Prince Harry and now, their two children, “We’ll go home and kind of relax and settle in.

Meghan and DeGeneres, who met at a pet store over a decade ago, have talked about Halloween (Archie was a dinosaur and his baby Lily a skunk), and more serious issues like Meghan’s work to lobby for a paid family leave. She said Harry coped well with the California lifestyle in Montecito, where Elaine is one of their neighbors.

“He loves it,” Megan said. “We are just happy.”

Meghan got an Eileen-style idiot when she wore an earpiece so Eileen could tell her what to say and do as she checked out the merchandise of three vendors in the studio. Megan pats the cat ears, gorges on the hot sauce on the biscuit like a squirrel, and puts a huge crystal on her face – all after a fake assistant asks the three vendors to treat her like everyone else. They could hardly stop them from laughing.


“Let Mommy have some.” Megan said to a vendor, holding a table full of hot sauce, “Boo loves hot sauce.” “Mom wants some heat.”

Later on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Ellen and Megan welcomed Brittany Starks, a Tennessee mom and hairstylist who returned the favor after helping herself through tough times by braiding schoolchildren’s hair for free. Since then, she has started a charity, A Twist of Greatness.

TisBest’s gallery and philanthropic partner has donated $20,000 to her cause. Meghan and Harry matched it with another $20,000.

“We are so moved by your story,” Megan told Starks, embracing her.

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