The first rare edition of the United States Constitution sold for a record $43 million

The first rare edition of the United States Constitution sold for a record $43 million

New York – The first rare edition of the United States Constitution sold at Sotheby’s in New York for $43.2 million, a record price for a document or book sold at auction.

The anonymous winning bidder in the Thursday night sale bid on a group of 17,000 crypto enthusiasts from around the world who crowdfunded their purchase over the past week.

The document offered for sale is one of 13 known copies of the first printing of the constitution and one of only two copies in private possession.

This edition of the Constitution was last sold in 1988, when real estate developer and collector S Howard Goldman bought it at auction for $165,000.

Proceeds from Thursday’s sale will benefit a foundation set up by Goldman’s widow, Dorothy Tapper Goldman, to advance understanding of constitutional principles.

“The sale of this rare and extremely important edition of the Constitution tonight was a historic and historic occasion,” Selby Kiefer, chief international specialist at Sotheby’s Books and Manuscripts, said in a statement.


Kiefer said the auction result reflects the relevance of the Constitution “not only to America but to global democracy.”

The presenter was ConstitutionDAO, who announced his plan to raise millions of dollars to purchase Constitution on Twitter on November 12. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and it is a type of community-run business that runs on the blockchain.

ConstitutionDAO tweeted Thursday evening“We’ve shown the world what coding and Web 3 is, qualifying thousands of people in the process, including curators and art directors who are now excited to continue learning.”

The group added, “We were the first DAO Sothebys ever to work with her, but we’re sure we won’t be the last one.”

The previous auction record for a book or manuscript was set in 1994 when Bill Gates bought the Codex Leicester designed by Leonardo da Vinci at Christie’s for $30.8 million.

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