The gun punctured a hole in Arbery’s chest, resulting in a fatal hemorrhage

The gun punctured a hole in Arbery’s chest, resulting in a fatal hemorrhage

Brunswick, J.A.; The bullets that hit Ahmed Arbery ripped through his chest and caused massive bleeding, a medical investigator testified on Tuesday as jurors viewed autopsy photos that showed Arbery’s white shirt stained all in red.

In his testimony at the trial of the murders of the three white men who stalked Arbery, Dr. Edmund Donoghue said Arbery was hit by two of the three gunshots fired at him. He said the gunshots caused such severe bleeding that the two blasts alone would have killed the 25-year-old black man.

Donoghue, a medical examiner with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, said the first shot at close range tore an artery in Arbery’s right wrist and made a large hole in the center of his chest, breaking several ribs and causing massive internal bleeding.

The second shot missed completely, while the third shot, fired from close range, pierced a major artery and vein near his left armpit and fractured his shoulder bones and upper arm.


Prosecutor Linda Donekowski asked the coroner, “Is there anything law enforcement or EMS could do to save his life at the scene?”

“I don’t think so. No,” Donoghue replied.

Donoghue performed an autopsy on February 24, 2020, the day after Arbery was murdered. The jury viewed close-up photos of his injuries, which included several large scratches on Arbery’s face when he fell flat on his face in the street after the third shot. Pictures of his clothes showed that his shirt was completely stained red. A mobile phone video of the shooting shows that he was white.

When Dnekowski was asked how Arbery managed to fight back after sustaining a severe chest wound from the first shot, the coroner described it as a “fight or flight reaction” that raised his heart rate and blood pressure while sending adrenaline through his body. He said Arbery would eventually bleed to death from his initial chest wound alone.


The testimony came a day after a judge refused to declare a mistrial over defense allegations that the jury was tainted when Arbery’s mother cried over a picture of evidence, drawing attention to the presence of Reverend Jesse Jackson, who was seated next to her in the courtroom. public exhibition.

Defense attorney Kevin Gove on Monday asked a judge to make the civil rights leader leave to avoid unfair influence on the jury. Supreme Court Justice Timothy Walmsley dismissed Gove’s complaints last week as “reprehensible” that defense attorneys “do not want more black pastors coming here.”

Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael armed themselves and chased Arbery in a pickup truck after seeing him run into their neighborhood. Their neighbor William “Rudy” Brian joined the chase and captured a mobile phone video of Travis McMichael shooting Arbery. The three men are charged with murder and other crimes.


The McMichael family told police they chased Arbery on suspicion of being a burglar after security cameras taped him multiple times inside a home under construction, five homes away. Defense attorneys say the younger McMichael fired his rifle in self-defense after Arbery tried to take it away from him.

Prosecutors say they chased Arbery for five minutes to prevent him from leaving the Satilla Shores division outside the coastal city of Brunswick. The chase ended when Arbery, left behind by Brian’s truck, tried to run around the McMichaels’ truck parked in the road ahead. The video shows Travis McMichael confronting Arbery and then shooting him throwing punches and wrestling for the gun.

Robert Rubin, one of Travis McMichael’s attorneys, noted that the medical examiner wrote in his report that Arbery died of injuries he “inflicted while fighting for a gun.”


“Did you know that Mr. Arbery had his hand on the gun?” asked Robin Donoghue, who replied that he is.

Robin said that despite the bullet hitting his right wrist, “nothing prevented Mr. Arbery from holding the gun in one hand and swinging and punching with the other.”

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