Triner back in action, Sherman land on IR

Triner back in action, Sherman land on IR

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stay tuned with our daily updates: news, notes and more throughout the Bucs Richard Sherman regular season

#5 CP

Height: 3-6 Weight: 195 lbs Total: Stanford

November 17 updates

The Pirates put cornerback Richard Sherman into injured reserve on Wednesday with a calf injury he sustained before Sunday’s game in Washington. Sherman becomes the fourth corner of the team’s current IR roster, although Sean Murphy-Banting may be close to activation. Sherman did not play from the start with a hamstring injury in Philadelphia in Week 6.

Click here for more information about Sherman’s placement on the IR website.

Zack Trainer

#97 SP

Height: 3-6 Weight: 245 lbs Total: Assumption

The Buccaneers labeled tall snapper Zach Trainer “back to training” on Wednesday, beginning a three-week period during which he can train with the team without relying on the 53-player roster cap. It can be activated from the infected reserve at any time during those 21 days. Triner has remained an injured reserve since he ruptured a tendon in his left finger in the season opener.

Click here to learn more about Zach Trainer’s case.


Darren Fells

#88 TE

Height: 6-7 Weight: 281 lbs College: University of California, Irvine

November 16 updates

The Buccaneers again used all four of their guard options on the coaching squad in Week 11, giving that designation to cable runner Jose Borregales, court finisher Darren Fels, wide receiver Prishad Berryman, cornerbacks Bledi and Ray Wilson. Both Phils and Breemann rose to Sunday’s game in Washington and were active, although they only played three times in attack.

Click here for more information on Buc’s Week 11 Training Squad Protection.


Vita Via

# 50 dl

Height: 6-4 Weight: 347 lbs College: Washington

November 15 updates

At his press conference on Monday afternoon, trainer Bruce Arrian provided some good news regarding his outstanding case of nasal treatment Vita Via. Villa sustained a knee injury at the last defensive moment in Sunday’s game in Washington and had to be carried off the field on a buggy. However, Vea’s knee MRI revealed a “minor” injury to the MCL and a bone bruise, which means he may not be missing out on much. However, Arians said he does not expect corner back Richard Sherman (calf) to be back in action “anytime soon”.

Click here to watch Bruce Aryan’s press conference on Monday.


Prishad Berryman

#16 WR

Height: 6-2 Weight: 215 lbs College: Central Florida

November 13 updates

The Buccaneers raised wide receiver Prishad Berryman and court end Daniel Phils from the coaching staff, making them available to play in Sunday’s game in Washington. Berryman and Phils just signed with Boss’ coaching staff on Wednesday but the team is heading into the weekend with injury concerns in those two positions. Wide receiver Antonio Brown and tight end Rob Gronkowski have been disqualified from the Washington game and Chris Goodwin is considered questionable.

Click here for more information on coaching squad hikes in Week 10 of Buc.


Richard Robinson

#28 CB

Height: 6-1 Weight: 177 lbs Total: LSU

November 12 updates

The Buccaneers lost a third corner kick to the injured reserve on Friday when fifth-year player Richard Robinson was relegated to that list with a hamstring injury on Wednesday. Robinson was already ruled out of Sunday’s game in Washington, but now he will have to miss at least three matches before returning to the active roster. The Buccaneers didn’t immediately fill the open spot on their 53-player roster, but they can choose to activate back corner Shaun Murphy-Banting or wide receiver Scotty Miller of the coaching squad.

Click here for more information on Friday’s roster transfer.

Chris Goodwin

#14 WR

Height: 6-1 Weight: 208 lbs College: Penn State

WR Chris Goodwin, who missed Wednesday and Thursday with a foot injury, took a step in the right direction on Friday by participating in training at a limited capacity. Coach Bruce Arians said Goodwin had done “enough” to make his preparation for Sunday’s game possible. How the team’s main receiver feels the Saturday after Friday fieldwork will likely be the deciding factor. Goodwin was listed as suspect in this week’s final injury report.

Click here for a more detailed look at Friday’s injury report.

Scotty Miller

#10 WR

Height: 5-9 Weight: 174 lbs Total: Bowling Green

WR Scotty Miller and CB Sean Murphy-Bunting continued training on Friday and are eligible to activate from the injured reserve anytime before November 23. After training on Friday, coach Bruce Arians said either player “could” activate them in time to be eligible for Sunday’s game in Washington.

Click here to watch Bruce Arians’ wrap-up for all of Friday.


Chris Goodwin

#14 WR

Height: 6-1 Weight: 208 lbs College: Penn State

November 10 updates

The Buccaneers’ first injury report for Week 10 included four players who sat in training on Wednesday, and a surprising name on the list was that of wide receiver Chris Goodwin. Coach Bruce Aryan said Goodwin is dealing with a foot injury and that the squad will have to wait to see if the disease jeopardizes his preparation for Sunday’s game in Washington. Godwin is the leading receiver in Tampa Bay with 50 catch points for 660 yards and four touchdowns.

The other three players who did not train are wide receiver Antonio Brown (ankle), Rob Gronkowski (lineback) and outside linebacker Jason Pierre Paul. Brown has missed the Bucs and Gronkowski’s last two games in their last four.

Click here for a closer look at Wednesday’s injury report.

Scotty Miller

#10 WR

Height: 5-9 Weight: 174 lbs Total: Bowling Green

Wide receiver Scotty Miller, who has missed five games with a toe injury, was on the field on Wednesday and, according to coach Bruce Aryan, “ran” well. Arians made a distinction between running and being ready to play a game of soccer, but Miller is clearly moving toward a comeback relatively soon. Miller says he will be working this week to prove to his coaches that he is ready to return to play. The third-year recipient is currently in injured reserve but is about halfway through a 21-day window where he can train with the team and be activated at any time.

Click here to watch Miller’s press conference on Wednesday. Click here for more information on the progress of Miller and Shawn Murphy Ponting.

Prishad Berryman

#16 WR

Height: 6-2 Weight: 215 lbs College: Central Florida

The Bucs swapped two places on the training squad on Wednesday without changing the overall positional makeup of that 16-man unit. The wide receiver Breshad Perriman replaced the wide receiver John Hurst and the Darren Fells court end replaced the narrow end Deon Yelder. Either way, the Buccaneers added a veteran passing striker with a great deal of NFL experience. In fact, Berryman’s most successful season with the Buccaneers came in 2019.

Click here for more information on Wednesday’s list moves.


Cody McIlroy

#86 TE

Height: 6-6 Weight: 258 lbs College: Southeast Oklahoma

November 9 updates

The Buccaneers used all four coaching team protection options for Week 10, making sure other teams couldn’t sign away from Cody McIlroy, kicker Jose Borregales, safety Troy Warner and cornerbacks Bledi and Ray Wilson ahead of Sunday’s game in Washington. McElroy is back on the roster for the first time since week five, probably because the Buccaneers were still unsure of Rob Gronkowski’s availability by the end of the week. The Bucs used both of McElroy’s coaching staff raise options, so if they wanted him to be available for game on Sunday, they’d need to upgrade him to the active roster.

Click here for more details on the players protected in Week 10.


Antonio Brown

#81 WR

Height: 5-10 Weight: 185 lbs Total: Mid Michigan

November 8 updates

The Buccaneers conducted “extra training” on Monday after returning from farewell week, and coach Bruce Aryan provided some updates on the injured players afterward. One hacker who still doesn’t practice is wide receiver Antonio Brown, who still wears walking boots to treat his injured ankle. Arians said it is uncertain at the moment whether Brown or Rob Gronkowski (back-end) will be back in time for Sunday’s game in Washington.

Click here for more Bruce Arians thoughts on injured Buc players.


Sean Murphy Bunting

#23 CB

Height: 6-0 Weight: 195 lbs Total: Mid Michigan

November 2 updates

The Buccaneers did not train on Tuesday but technically put two players back in training mode. Wide receiver Scotty Miller and cornerback Shaun Murphy-Banting, both currently in reserve for elbow and toe injuries, respectively, have been designated by the team as “returning to training”. This opens a 21-day window during which one or both of the 53-man roster can be activated at any time. The Buccaneers won’t be back in training until next Monday, but Miller and Murphy-Banting can do some work together on the field in the meantime.

Click here for more information about the status changes for Miller and Murphy-Bunting and what that could mean for the coming weeks.


Carlton Davis III

#24 CP

Height: 6-1 Weight: 206 lbs Kidney: Auburn

November 1 updates

The Buccaneers kicked off their farewell week on Monday, which will give the team’s relatively long roster of injured players some extra time to rest and recover. Coach Bruce Arians said the team will learn more about the condition of these players when the squad meets next week to begin preparing for the Week 10 road match against Washington. However, the Arians had an encouraging update for three players who are currently in injured reserve for a short time: linebacker Sean Murphy-Banting (elbow), Carlton Davis (calf) and wide receiver Scotty Miller (toe).

“I think we’ll know more when we get back, but Sean and Carlton seem to be making really good progress. And so is Scotty Miller.”

Click here to watch the full day post-match press conference.


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