Verlander gets $25 million from the Astros, and Bildt stays with the Giants

Verlander gets $25 million from the Astros, and Bildt stays with the Giants

New York Justin Verlander reached a $25 million deal to stay with the Houston Astros while returning from Tommy John’s surgery, and Brandon Bilt accepted an eligible $18.4 million offer from the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday.

Verlander, 38, has a conditional option of $25 million for 2023 as part of the agreement.

He’s only started once in 2020, participating in six rounds on July 24 in a win over Seattle on Opening Day before being put on the injury list with a strained right forearm. He tried to come back after being injured, but announced on September 19, 2020, that he needed Tommy John’s surgery and underwent the procedure on October 1.

Two-time Cy Young Award winner and 2011 AL MVP, Verlander became a free agent after completing a three-year, $94 million contract with the Astros. He said earlier this year that his rehab is going well, and added that he hated that he only played one game at the time the deal covered it.


He said, “This pisses me off.” “But… this was an unfortunate injury that no one could have foreseen. But I still loved earning my reserves.”

Verlander is 226-129 with a 3.33 ERA in 16 seasons.

Bale was the only one of 14 free agents to accept offers from their former clubs on November 7. Bill is 33 and may be wary of the first base free agent market that includes 2020 NL MVP Freddie Freeman.

He hit the .274 belt with 29 home runs and 59 RBI last season.

Players who turned down offers included Freeman (Atlanta), short-lived Carlos Correa and Verlander (Houston), Raziel Iglesias (Los Angeles Angels), AL Cy Young award-winning AL Cy Young, second player Marcos Simin (Toronto), Defensive Nick Castellanos (Cincinnati), Defensive Shortstop Trevor Storey (Colorado), Corey Seeger Short, Defensive Chris Taylor (Los Angeles Dodgers) and Defensive Michael Conforto (New York Mets).


Two of the players who received offers terminated contracts with new teams. Left-handed Eduardo Rodriguez left Boston for $77 million, a five-year contract with Detroit, and right-handed Noah Syndergaard left the Mets for a $21 million one-year contract with the Angels.


Associated Press sports writer Kristi Ricken contributed to this report.


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