View Earth’s changing climate | Sumter County Shopper

View Earth’s changing climate |  Sumter County Shopper

If you are a history buff, you have the Florida Museum in Gainesville that offers you a gallery! Check out more than 70 million years of climate change on Earth in a relaunched exhibition exhibit now open at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Through a timeline, visitors can explore the whereabouts of dinosaurs, gigantic sharks, humans, ancient civilizations and more relevant to the history of Earth’s climate.

Our Changing Climate: Past and Present uses large-scale infographics illustrating major historical events to tell the story of Earth’s changing climate over geological time. It also highlights how the Earth’s climate fluctuates and global trends affect life today.

The exhibition was originally opened in 2015 and has been relaunched to celebrate the release of the first part of the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which addresses the latest science on climate change and the potential risks and options for the future of the planet.

This free exhibit was created by the Florida Museum in collaboration with the University of Florida Department of Geosciences; the museum’s departments of anthropology, mammalogy, and vertebrate palaeontology; The University of New Hampshire Campus Systems Research Center.

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