Volusia Civic Ballet Presents “The Nutcracker”

Volusia Civic Ballet Presents “The Nutcracker”

For a quarter of a century, the Volusia Civic Ballet has been a presence in the community during the holidays, and this year is no exception.

The non-profit organization is celebrating 25 years with three performances of the ballet “The Nutcracker” at the Peabody Auditorium, located at 600 Auditorium Blvd. Saturday and Sunday, 4 and 5 December. It has a crew of more than 90 artists from 13 participants. Dance Studios, which was joined by professional guests from the Cincinnati Ballet, this year’s production featuring choreography produced by 11 choreographers, according to a press release.

“The Nutcracker” tells the story of a young girl named Clara, starring Gabriella Palmer, who receives a magical nutcracker doll on Christmas Eve from her wizarding godfather Frau Druselmayr (performed by Valerie Bates). Clara then goes on a dream trip where she meets the Mouse King (played by Aiden Ibanez, of Palm Coast) and finds herself helping The Nutcracker (played by Keelan Halloran, of Port Orange) to overthrow the King before traveling through the enchanted snow forest where she meets characters like the Snow Queen (played by Ariel Starling, of Port Orange) and Sugar Plum Ferry (played by Melissa Gilvin de Polly, of the Cincinnati Ballet).

Riley Alpine has been involved in ballet for the past three years.

“I like to go up on stage and just be able to perform,” she said.

The 10-year-old Palm Coast resident has been dancing for most of her life, and said The Nutcracker is one ballet spectator that shouldn’t be missed. From cheerful and soothing dance sequences to a high-energy battlefield against the Mouse King, Albin said audiences can feel like they’re in ballet at times.

Albin plays Bon Bon, one of Mother Ginger’s children in ballet. She is looking forward to performing an aerial play on stage.

But her favorite part of the show is seeing the guests from the Cincinnati Ballet.

“I think it’s pretty cool, and the male dancer usually does a bunch of jumps, and I think it’s amazing,” Albin said.

Her mother, Shannon Belhumour Albin, said that participating in the Volusia Civic Ballet each year is a growth opportunity for all of the young dancers, including her daughter.

She said, “They grow up during ‘The Nutcracker’ and may see what they can do in the following years, and the older kids can see the parts they used to do, so it’s fun for everyone.” We look forward to every year.”

During the performances, the Peabody Lounge will also be transformed into an inviting German village, according to a press release. The Volusia Civic Ballet also hosts a Sugar Plum Kids’ Tea before the show where kids aged 3-12 can enjoy sweet treats in a fairytale setting. Show tickets range from $20 to $45, and Sugar Plum Tea Kids tickets are $20 per child. An extensive family series will also be shown on Saturday 4 December for audiences with special needs, all levels of mobility, and young children. It will be just under an hour and will include excerpts from Chapter One and the complete Second Chapter.

Offers include:

  • 2 p.m. on Saturday, December 4 (Family Series)
  • 7pm on Saturday 4th December (full show with guest artists)
  • 2pm on Sunday 5th December (full show with guest artists)

Sugar Plum Tea for Babies:

  • 1pm on Saturday 4th December (show ticket and tea ticket required)
  • 6pm on Saturday 4th December (show ticket and tea ticket required)
  • 1pm on Sunday 5th December (show ticket and tea ticket required)

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