We need you to protect the environment

We need you to protect the environment

Vatican City – Pope Francis on Sunday praised young people for their efforts to protect the Earth’s environment and told them to “be the critical conscience of society.”

St. Francis celebrated Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, filled with hundreds of young believers, on the occasion of Church Day focused on youth in dioceses around the world.

“You have been given an exciting but also difficult task, to stand tall while everything around us seems to be crumbling,” the Pope said.

Francis expressed his thanks “for all those times when you sow the dream of brotherhood, work to heal the wounds of God’s creation, strive to ensure respect for the dignity of the vulnerable and spread a spirit of solidarity and sharing.”

He pointed out that many young people criticized the environmental pollution.

“We need this,” Francis said.

The Pope said that in a world “that thinks only of present gains, and which tends to stifle ideals, the power to dream has not been lost.”


Francis urged young people to “be free and original, be the critical conscience of society.”

Social justice and care for the environment were the main messages of the papacy.

The Pope is expected to meet young people from around the world at the Catholic Church’s camp in Lisbon, Portugal, in August 2023.

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