‘We’ve Accomplished So Much Together:’ Seniors’ Journey Ends in Seabreeze

‘We’ve Accomplished So Much Together:’ Seniors’ Journey Ends in Seabreeze

The score wasn’t good, but it was the end of the trip that upset defensive Siberese’s end Jeremy West the most.

After winning their first district championship in 14 years, the Sandcrabs withdrew from the playoffs Friday, November 12, with a 41-0 loss to Rockledge at Daytona Stadium.

A desperate West stood on the field after the game and tried to describe what his first season meant to him.

“Throughout the whole season, we’ve grown as a family,” said West, who led Volusia and Figler counties with 12 sacks during the regular season. “This is the best team I’ve been a part of. We always stick to each other. We always support each other.”

The Sandcrabs have been training together since mid-March. From off-season training to spring training, to summer team camp for pre-season training in the August heat.

There was a summer road trip to Rutgers University in New Jersey for a 7 by 7 tournament which included visits to 13 colleges along the way. Hours and hours in the weight room and on the training field. Steady improvement after starting the season with four defeats in the first six matches. And finish achieving their first victory in eight years.

“We’re talking about building a foundation,” said third-year coach Pat Brown. “But this group here is the key. Young people have to understand that the institution is leaving.”

Seabreeze (6-5) trailed Rockledge (9-2) 14-0 in the first inning, but Sandcrabs never recovered from a 14-point swing midway through the first quarter when they stumbled into the Raiders’ 3-yard line, then gave up a 95-yard run Lavatos Watkins. Raiders ran back then ran from 2 for the first score of the game.

“We just didn’t fit the right gap,” Brown said. “We had a chance to go up 7-0 and we ended up with nothing. In qualifying, your windows are getting smaller – your chances of blocking, your chances of stepping in.”

In the second half, the match turned away from the Sandcrabs as they turned the ball over five more times.

“You have to get it together quickly or it gets out of hand,” said Seabreeze’s attack coordinator, Matt Johnson. “But there were a lot more positives than negatives this year. The guys came together as a team and kept improving. Now we have to keep it going.”

Seabreeze will graduate 17 seniors this year, including West.

“We accomplished a lot together,” West said. “I’m glad I got a chance to finish this unit.”

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