What’s with all the rainy days? I thought it was ‘dry season’

What’s with all the rainy days?  I thought it was ‘dry season’

Orlando, Florida. – It’s another rainy day across Central Florida.

In November, Orlando had a trail of rain on more than 50% of the days.

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November is usually the first full month of the dry season, but this year it hasn’t been completely dry.

November rainfall so far

To determine the dry season, we must first look at the wet season or rainy season in Florida.


If you live in the Sunshine State or visit frequently in the summer, you know you can count on storms almost daily in the afternoon. These storms are caused by sea breezes, which start in late spring and early summer when temperatures rise.

The sea breeze, in our case, evolves from the uneven heating between the land and the slower ocean to the slower warming.

sea ​​breeze formation

Warm air above land begins to rise while air over the relatively cooler ocean sinks. Low pressure forms over the land, while high pressure develops over the ocean. Air moves from areas of high pressure to low pressure creating a boundary, in this case a sea breeze.

sea ​​breeze formation

Moving air inward pushes the air above the ground, creating thunderstorms.

sea ​​breeze formation

So what is the dry season?

The dry season begins when sea breezes stop forming. This usually happens in mid-October when the temperature difference between the Earths is less severe. The true definition of a dry season is when the sea breeze stops forming and thus the daily noon storms come to an end. A strong cold front, first or second of the season, usually begins in the dry season.


However, cold and warm fronts become more common in the fall and winter months and bring with them clouds and rain. While they don’t move around as often as the daily storms caused by the summer sea breeze, they still bring torrential rain, even in the “dry season.”

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